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“An Important Piece of Paper”

Information from: OMY Mobile Medical


Do you have employees who wear a respirator? If so, do you have a written medical clearance onsite that states they are healthy enough to wear that respirator? That’s a very important piece of paper! Wearing a respirator puts a heavy burden on the cardio-respiratory system. Are you sure that your employee is medically able to wear that respirator?


OMY Mobile Medical can give you a written medical clearance for those employees who qualify. AND, if we do hearing testing at your company we can also do the respirator clearance while we’re onsite. We’ll do a pulmonary function test, a blood pressure, and the OSHA questionnaire (which we will review with the employee). Then our doctor reviews it all. We will send you two copies of your clearances – one for you and one for your employee.


Don’t gamble with your employee’s health or with your liability! Make sure you have a written medical clearance for every employee onsite who is wearing a respirator. We are generally much less expensive than sending your employees out to a local facility for a clearance. Give us a call to book a date for respirator clearances. Call 800-760-3000 and ask for Andrea at Extension # 1.


Check out our web site and click on “Respirator Clearances” and “The Standard” to find out more. www.omy.com


  1. We can also schedule fit testing for your respirator users