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The ability to store and search Audiometric test results digitally has been a powerful advantage for HR Managers and Safety Directors.

OMY has provided onsite mobile medical testing since 1989, and in that time, we have remained committed to maintaining and updating our testing equipment and vehicles. However, for most of that time, the results of the tests have always been distributed in the same way: binders that take up critical space in a Human Resource Manager or Safety Director’s already crowded office. One of the most successful advancements in mobile testing is the ability to distribute and store the test results of hundreds of employees spanning multiple years digitally.

Here are five advantages to storing Audiometric test results digitally:

1. Saves space

OSHA currently requires employers to store the test results of their employees onsite for five years. When you consider that a single workplace can have hundreds of employees spread across multiple locations, the amount of paperwork that needs to be stored, managed and sifted through is staggering. The advantage of flash drives is that they are notoriously compact – to the point that they are often carried in pockets on keyrings – and a single flash drive can store a massive amount of data.

2. Easily searchable

OSHA requires employers to keep the records onsite for five years, and they can be called upon to make them available during OSHA investigations or employee inquiries. Keeping and maintaining these records over an extended period allows agencies to identify trends as well as track compliance progress. Digitally storing the test results on a flash drive makes it possible to quickly search for and retrieve a specific employee’s file for a determined year and compare that information to their results from other years.

3. Secure back-up

Because the results are stored as PDF files, it is easy to back them up. The files can be stored on multiple computers, hard drives, flash drives and even in the cloud to ensure that they are as safe as possible in case of disaster. At OMY, we frequently back up our data, and with digital files on flash drives, our clients can a well.

4. Privacy protection

Digital files can be password protected like any other sensitive company files. Make sure that only authorized people are able to access and view the documents. With binders, anyone can walk into an office and begin flipping through the pages, which might contain sensitive employee medical information.

5. OSHA filing

Giving HR managers and safety directors quick access to their OSHA records makes it easier to collect and analyze the relevant information when the time comes to file. OSHA’s new Injury Tracking Application (ITA) requires many companies to upload information from their Log 300 forms – including Standard Threshold Shifts (STS) – which can now be located and compiled quickly.

Contact OMY today to get a quote. Flash drives containing the test results are mailed out quickly to make sure that employees are safe and companies are in compliance. We schedule clients on a first come, first serve basis, so don’t hesitate to call us to ensure you get the date and time of your choice.