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As part of OMY’s commitment to helping construction and general industry companies in southcentral Pennsylvania maintain safe, OSHA-compliant workplaces, we will officially add mobile Silica Surveillance Exams to our list of services on January 1, 2018.

The Silica Screening Exam process is more challenging than other OSHA-required tests because it requires multiple sessions per employee. For managers who are considering the implications of sending their entire workforce offsite multiple times to multiple clinics for a single test (not to mention any other required tests and clearances), the potential loss of productivity is staggering.

Initiating the new Silica Screening Exam will be a huge adjust for most companies – especially those like construction companies that are currently in their off-season. They will be returning to face a new set of standards that could prove to be very costly if they’re not prepared.

Fortunately, OMY is local – and mobile – which removes the complications standing between your business and OSHA compliance. We also make it possible to perform other OSHA-mandated testing that might be required during the same sessions at the same location, saving even more time and money.

Contact OMY to Get Started

When companies contact OMY Sales Manager John Remsen or The General Manager, Wendi Clark, they will coordinate the entire process from the initial x-ray session through the subsequent medical examination and the tuberculosis test follow-up.

Onsite X-Rays

OMY works with mobile x-ray providers to perform onsite chest x-rays, which are usually administered in a company-provided space like an office or conference room. The x-rays are examined by a B Reader radiologist with the appropriate qualifications and experience.

Hands-On Examination

During our second visit, our technicians will review the employees’ paperwork (to be filled out beforehand) and administer a Pulmonary Function Test (PFT). A physician or nurse will conduct a hands-on examination that includes a review of the x-ray and spirometry results. They will also administer a tuberculosis (TB) test during the Silica Surveillance Exams.

TB Test Results

The TB test is delivered in the form of a small injection in the forearm. An OMY technician will return to your location approximately 48 hours later to read and record the results of the TB test.

Understanding Silica Surveillance Exams

The employer will simply be notified as to whether or not an employee has passed or failed the test. The employee will receive a packet of information that describes the results of the test and provides more detail. This ensures employee privacy while allowing companies to know where they need to improve their safety performance.

Contact us today to discuss how OMY’s mobile testing can help your business remain in compliance with this new requirement. If your company is in an industry that requires multiple tests, we can use our trailers – in conjunction with company-provided spaces – to perform multiple tests, screenings and clearances simultaneously for maximum efficiency.

Learn more about crystalline silica and OSHA’s standards here.